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About Blaxhall Archive Group

Blaxhall Archive Group was formed in 2003 and consists of people of all ages interested in recording and researching the social history of the parish of Blaxhall. One of the first projects the group undertook was to collect and record electronically as many images (mainly photographs) of people, places and events relating to Blaxhall. This has now grown to a quite large database, a sample of which was used in a photographic exhibition held in Blaxhall Village Hall in May 2005. The event seemed to be of interest to many people as over 700 individuals visited the exhibition during the three days.

The group put forward proposals to the Local Heritage Initiative (LHI) scheme in 2005 as an application for grant-aid. The proposals stated that they (Blaxhall Archive Group) wished to "..research the social history of Blaxhall from 1700 to 2000 using all archival sources open to us. We intend to trace the major families and individuals that have lived and worked in the village and record their lives."

Archive Group members

Our regular members include;

  • Daphne Gant
  • Ray Poacher
  • Peter Fletcher
  • Rod West
  • Violet Skeet
  • Maggie Grenham
  • Bertie Smith (see below)
  • Shane Pictor
  • Henry Hammond
  • Ena Plant

It is with much sadness that Blaxhall Archive Group report the news that Bertie Smith died on March 25th 2006 at the age of 84 years. The upcoming book is dedicated to his memory.

About the project

The group were fortunate enough to be awarded an LHI grant in August 2005 and this will allow them to move forward with their project and produce;

  1. A book about Blaxhall's Living Past.
  2. A printed study of the evolution of farming in Blaxhall over the past 300 years.
  3. A DVD which will include material from the first two items above but also oral history subjects including speech, music and moving images.

The intention is to publish the book in late 2006 and the other two items in March 2007.

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